Purim 2022

All About Purim and When is Purim 2022

Purim, the victorious feast, is celebrated every year on the Hebrew date of Adar 14, commencing on the 14th of Adar. This holy holiday remembers the Jews’ deliverance from Haman’s scheme to exterminate them from the world in ancient Persia. Raise a glass, celebrate, and eat – Chag Purim Sameach!

When is Purim in the year 2022?

Purim 2022 begins on March 16, 2022, at sunset, and ends on March 17, 2022, at nightfall. If you’re feeling really festive, you may skip straight from Purim to St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this year!

What exactly is Purim, and how is it observed?

Purim commemorates the rescue of Jews from the Persian Empire owing to the valour of Queen Esther & her relative Mordecai (more on them later). Purim is one of the most joyous Jewish holidays, with masquerades, noisemakers, feasts, and copious amounts of drink.

The recitation of The Megillah, also referred as The Book of Esther, twice on Purim night (this year, on March 16) and once on Purim day is one of the most important aspects of the holiday (March 17). When Haman’s name is spoken, it’s traditional to stamp your feet or use noisemakers to effectively blot out his name.


Purim 2022
Purim 2022

Purim’s storey began in the 4th century BCE, when the Persian Empire ruled over the Jewish people. After having his wife, Queen Vashti, killed for refusing to obey his commands, King Ahasuerus decided to hold a beauty competition to locate a new wife.

Esther, a Jewish girl, had piqued his interest and soon ascended to the position of queen, but she hesitated to declare her ethnicity. During this time, Haman, who was fiercely opposed to all things related to Judaism, was selected as the empire’s new prime minister.

Mordechai, the Jewish leader and cousin of the new queen, refused to comply to the king’s demands. On the 13th of Adar, Haman convinced the king to make an edict demanding the total death of all Jews, fuelled by his fervent hatred.

On Adar 13, the Persian Empire’s Jews rose up and assaulted a great number of individuals who were conspiring to assassinate them in the crowds, and on Adar 14, they relaxed and rejoiced. Purim is observed by Jews all around the world, but it is most popular in Israel, where a big feast takes place from Adar 14 to Adar 15.

Why should you commemorate Purim 2022?

It commemorates the Jewish people’s survival:

Purim celebrates the power and perseverance of a whole people, despite the fact that history has not always been kind to the Jews. Use this day to thank your family, friends, and ancestors for making life possible today.

It’s surprisingly enjoyable:

Despite the fact that the Purim narrative is emotional and suspenseful, the day is full with enjoyable customs and traditions like dressing up, carnivals, and a lot and we mean a lot of drinking!

This is a day for giving back:

Giving back to those in need, as well as those you care about, is an important element of Purim. The value of these traditions is celebrated because it instills goodwill and generosity in young children and acts as a reminder to adults to be nice and generous.

What to Do on Purim 2022:

Read the passages from the Megillah:

The Book of Esther, also known as the Megillah, retells the origin tale. Hearing the Megillah recited out twice a day is a Purim tradition. It is usual to create a lot of commotion to drown out Haman’s name as it is read.

Poor people should be given gifts:

Giving at least two nice presents to the impoverished during the day is a customary obligation. You can also give money to your local synagogue, which will use it to provide community programs and aid.

Consume meals in the shape of a triangle:

Eating triangle-shaped meals like kreplach and hamantaschen pastries is a popular Ashkenazi Jewish ritual. In any case, they’re wonderful, and eating them signifies the end of the anti-Semitic prime minister’s wickedness.

Is Purim always on the same day?

Because the Hebrew calendar differs from the secular Gregorian calendar, Purim does not fall on the same date every year. Purim is observed on the 14th day of the Hebrew season of Adar, however, some people and locations observe it on the 15th.

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What exactly is Purim, and how is it observed?

Purim is a Jewish festival that is commemorated by reading the Book of Esther, sharing food and wine, and engaging in a se’udat Purim dinner.

What takes place on Purim?

Purim, termed the “Jewish Mardi Gras,” is a celebration that allows even the most devout Jews to let free, dress up in costumes, and consume religiously allowed wine.

What to eat On Purim?

During Purim, it’s customary to enjoy a large dinner with meats, wine, and triangular-shaped dishes like kreplach and hamantaschen pastries.


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