National Potato Chip Day

All About National Potato Chip Day 2022

We all love potato chips, right? Yes, you can’t deny that! This is the number one snack food of America and every year on 14th March people celebrate the day as the national potato chip day. When it comes to potato chips these are thin slices of good quality potato and deep-fried or baked until superbly crunchy.

No doubt potato chips are the most selling and most lovable snack in the food market in countries like America and England. If you are someone who loves potato chips then it’s your day man! Celebrate this special day in an amazing way!  This year people will celebrate the national potato chip day 2022 on 14th March, Monday. So be ready to enjoy some amazing potato chips and make this special even more memorable.

History of National Potato Chip Day

Though potatoes have been about for the extensive old time with us, the potato chip started its ancestries with George Crum, who first worked as a chef at Saratoga Springs’ Moon Lake Lodge in 1853, where French-fried potatoes were a beloved on their food menu.

Potatoes frying concept initially came about during the 1700s, when Thomas Jefferson relished them in France and presented them to the local folk in Saratoga. When customers started complaining that the fries were too thick, Crum ironically decided to cut the potatoes as thin as he could, fried them. After serving thin fried potatoes people just love them and he got several good responses. Overall, you can say this recipe became popular with accidental experiments.

National Potato Chip Day Dates  

2022 14th MARCH Monday
2023 14th MARCH Tuesday
2024 14th MARCH Thursday
2025 14th MARCH Friday
2026 14th MARCH Saturday


How to celebrate National Potato Chip Day 2022?

National Potato Chip Day
National Potato Chip Day

You can celebrate your favorite upcoming National Potato Chip Day 2022 in several ways. Go for a bag full of your favorite potato chips and join with your friends and enjoy the big party in this epical day. You can create different types of dips to make the party even more delicious.

The best thing you can do is to prepare your own potato chips by watching some online recipes. Just try out different kinds of potatoes to know which kind of potato are best for chips and definitely give a try to fry them and enjoy your own prepared potato chips.

If you are a true potato chip lover then its responsible to spread awareness of this special day among people. So, you can share some of your best movements of this special day on your social media account by using the proper hashtag of #potatochipday. You can share photos of your favorite potato chip brand and also suggest some good one to your friends.

Another unique way you can celebrate potato chip day is by trying your own homemade potato chips. You can follow several YouTube videos where you will get the preparation of potato chips and apply them.  Try to collect all the required ingredients to prepare chips and give your best effort to make some amazing chips and yes share those chips with your friends and don’t forget to take their feedbacks.

Why do People love National Potato Chip Day?

As we already know potato chip are the most lovable snack in this world but do you know why people love potato chip and why most of the people love to celebrate national chip day? Let’s know more details about it.

It’s a great snack

First of all, potato chip is known as a great snack which can satisfy your test buds and also one of the best foods to enjoy during travel and watching movies. In this fast-paced lifestyle friend potato chips works amazingly as a great snack for many people.

Its simple and super tasty

Usually, potato chips are simple and superbly doubt these are tasty snacks and comes with different flavors. You can easily carry the packet of potato chips when ever you travel for any place and enjoy the snack on your way.

Attracts test buds

According to a research experts discovered that potato chips can attract human test buds and you can’t just satisfy your test buds with one bite of potato chips. That’s the reason people normally get addicted to eating potato chips frequently.

These are three prime reason people love to celebrate potato chip day by eating some super delicious fried potato chips.

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