National Panda Day 2022

All About National Panda Day 2022

Every year on March 16, we honor the fluffiest, bamboo-eating bears that are a source of Chinese national pride. Pandas’ status was reclassified from “threatened” to “sensitive” species in 2019 due to rapidly increasing population counts.

Despite this, habitat degradation, farming, fur harvesting, and other causes have resulted in less than 2,000 pandas remaining in the wild.

Pandas survive about 15 to 20 years in the wild, but they may live far longer in captivity. Panda bears play a vital role in China’s bamboo forest environment by dispersing seeds and so promoting the growth of fresh flora that benefits both people & animals.

That is why it is critical to save the panda and its habitat. There are around 27 zoos in the globe that conserve Giant Pandas and provide breeding habitats. The most crucial component in protecting wild pandas is to safeguard their ecosystem, particularly bamboo forests, which are their primary food source.

National Panda Day 2022
National Panda Day 2022

National Panda Day 2022:

2022 National Panda Day will be observed on March 16, 2022, to honor one of the world’s most distinctive bears. Pandas are also among the world’s most threatened and cherished animals.

Conservationists and animal lovers alike share the news about the international community’s increased commitment to habitat protection and restoration.

National Panda Day’s History:

Though the origins of this event are uncertain, we may infer that it was founded to raise awareness of pandas’ beauty in order to prevent their extinction.

The Globe Wide Fund for Nature was founded in 1961, and its logo was based on the Panda because it is “a beautiful, endangered, and cherished by many people throughout the world,” as one of the earliest WWF founders, Sir Peter Scott, put it.

The panda became a global emblem of the conservation movement, a rallying cry to protect endangered species and natural environmental habitats for our wild creatures.

How to Observe National Panda Day?

Share your affection for pandas, at the very least on National Panda Day 2022! More information about pandas, panda populations, and their biology and habitat may be found here.

You may also contribute to the conservation of the Panda population and the promotion of measures to safeguard their dwindling habitat. You may help fund breeding and research initiatives in addition to habitat conservation.

Many panda-themed movies have been created all over the world; spend your National Panda Day viewing panda documentaries to learn more about this lovely panda. Director Lu Chuan’s film Born in China is available to view. It follows a raccoon family as well as golden clever monkeys and snow leopards.

Chengdu Panda Resource Center Scientists in the field of child rising aim to take this project to the next stage. Use the hashtag #NationalPandaDay to show your support for pandas on social media.

Why should you commemorate World Panda Day?

They serve as a global emblem of peace and friendship:

Giant pandas were sent to American and Japanese zoos as part of the first cultural exchanges between China and the West in the 1970s. This is known as “panda diplomacy.” Pandas are still considered esteemed visitors in China, and some people seem to believe they bring happiness.

Their naps and snuggle heaps are on a more flexible schedule:

Pandas are generally timid and reclusive towards people, yet they like cuddling and napping for hours after just a meal. In the wild and in zoos, it’s difficult not to like these fluffy, tuxedo-wearing creatures.

The cutest infant animals are pandas:

A huge panda baby is the tiniest animal born in comparison to its mother.

What Should You Do in 2022 on National Panda Day?

Watch panda-themed television program:

The cartoon series ‘Kung Fu Panda’ is a good place to start, but real-life documentaries will do pandas justice better. Watch “A Panda Is Born — Movie About Taishan,” for instance, which chronicles the life of one of the world’s most renowned pandas, Taishan, who was born in the Wildlife Park in Washington, D.C. and is the nation’s first panda to reach adulthood.

Wear pandas themed Outfits:

Wear panda-themed clothing or purchase panda-themed merchandise, especially if it helps to save the panda species. You never know who could be interested in knowing more about these critters than simply their fluffy loveliness.

Adopt a Panda:

You may fund and digitally “adopt” a panda on the internet, which will assist to ensure their survival. The expense of caring for a panda in captivity might be high, but you are giving these animals a chance to live longer, more serene lives.


Is it true that pandas exclusively eat bamboo?

No. Panda bears browse for various veggies and grains as well. Carrion is maybe the most startling item they consume.

Is it true that pandas have thumbs?

They don’t have a thumb, but they really do have an expanded wrist bone that acts similarly to one.

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