National Napping Day 2022

All About National Napping Day 2022

Every year, National Napping Day identifies our necessity as the day ensuing the reappearance of daylight-saving time. This special day not only inspires a nap, it also recaps us that there is no disgrace in taking nap.

As we know the preparation for time change can’t suddenly manage everything properly and that’s the reason most of the time, we lose sleep due to this time change.

In such scenarios, a must-needed rest can definitely provide you better and more refreshing mood. You will be definitely more productive when you take some extra sleep which is also known as “Take a nap”.

No doubt there are several benefits of taking nap and the National napping always encourages people to remember those benefits of taking small-time napping rest.

When is National Napping Day 2022?

This year people will celebrate the national mapping day 2022 on 14th March 2022. For many people, this is one of the most awaited special days and they want to celebrate this special with some naps.

National Napping Day Dates

2022 14th March Monday
2023 13th March Monday
2024 11th March Monday
2024 10th March Monday
National Napping Day 2022
National Napping Day 2022

History of National Napping Day

National Napping Day was first invented in 1999 by Boston University professor William Anthony and his wife Camille Anthony. The couple formed this special holiday to spread consciousness on the need and importance of getting sufficient sleep and its several profits. The holiday was inevitable to help make up for the total amount of sleep lost when the hour varies.

The date was selected because several studies have revealed that people are even now at their most exhausted and sleep-deprived after daylight savings changes. The modification of the hour truly makes a variance, but National Napping Day can make you feel like there was no alteration at all.

Nevertheless, even though the holiday wasn’t formed until 1999, the Spanish previously had the practice of taking an afternoon “siesta.” That’s good news for Spain, meanwhile, daylight savings won’t disturb the routine of the people there too much.

The Ancient Romans were known to take noontime naps as well. With the hustle and bustle of recent life, noontime naps seem more like a thing from the past to most people. Naps are seen as extravagances now, a representation of extra time most of us can’t manage.

But in old days naps were perceived as a requirement and were occasionally used for therapeutic purposes and even spiritual practices. Even though National Napping Day was formed 21 years ago, it still doesn’t have definite credit as an official national holiday. Although National Napping Day isn’t officially an actual holiday, you need to understand the importance of the special day and celebrate it in your ways.

National Napping Day Theme 2022 how to celebrate it?

If you want to set a special theme or want to celebrate National Napping Day 2022 in a better way then we have some of the best National Day theme 2022 for you.

Set up a sleeping playlist

We all love music as this is one of the most effective stress busters. You can create a great and calm music playlist that can truly relax your brain and easier to make you fall asleep. This must a special theme along with low light room definitely provide you the best ever experience in this epical day.

Turn off your smartphone

We know this is the most difficult thing for anyone but try this on national napping day. Smartphone usage usually makes the human brain active and its hard for any human to relax when your phone is switched on.

So, try to switch off your smartphone on this special day and fall asleep. Try to take a quick nap of 20 minutes and feel the difference.

Take a good nap

In a hectic life schedule, we usually forget things like rest, proper sleep which our body needs the most. The best way to celebrate National napping day is to take sufficient rest and avoid watching TV, usage of smartphones, and all. Just make your phone silent and take a good nap.

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