National Doctors Day

All About National Doctors Day 2022

Physicians are like God for all of us as they help save our lives every day everywhere. So, for the appreciation of all the doctors in this world people celebrate 30th March as National Doctors Day. This is a special holiday that was initially started in 1933 in Winder, Georgia. Since then, every year people celebrate doctors’ day on 30th March to honor physicians.

On this day first Dr.Crawford  W.Long has used anesthesia and now medical science got a new height with several advanced treatment processes. It’s only possible because of doctors and medical researchers everywhere who have dedicatedly treated patients and saved many people from fatal diseases by using their expertise.

When is doctors Day 2022?

Like every year, in 2022 people are going to celebrate National Doctors Day 2022 on 30th March. On this special day, people honor doctors, nurses, physicians and surgeons who save and serve humans to recover from diseases.

History of Doctors Day

National Doctors Day
National Doctors Day

In Georgia, Eudora Brown Almond who was the wife of a doctor, usually thinks that her husband or any doctor deserved more recognition for their hard work, and that though become a reality now day. The first-ever Doctors’ Day was celebrated on 30th March 1933, which was exactly after 91 years after Dr. Long’s amazing finding.

For the first time, Eudora Brown Almond mailed greeting cards to all local physicians, and she put flowers on the graves of deceased doctors, including Dr. Long. She first used the red carnations flowers which is now become the representative of flowers for the National Doctors Day holiday. Many other local doctors’ wives also helped Almond in arranging a festive event so their husbands’ noble work in healthcare could be openly appreciated by people.

The ritual of sending greeting cards to physicians has continued all over the years and it’s now a common way of celebrating this holiday today. The red carnation is also still widely used to say “Thanks” to doctors for their work in the field of health care.

Doctors’ Day was without authorization celebrated for many years before it turns out to be a permissible holiday. On 30th March 1958, the U.S. House of Representatives accepted a resolution that honors Doctors’ Day, and on October 30, 1990, George W. Bush signed the legislature after support from both the House and the Senate.

Nevertheless, other nations also rejoice their doctors on a diverse day than we do, often to identify a significant physician from their country. Spain, Cuba, and Argentina celebrate on the 3rd of December to honor Dr. Carlos Juan Finlay’s birthday, who well recognized mosquitos as the reason of yellow fever. India celebrates on 1st July to honor the birthday of Dr. B. C. Roy, who also miserably died on that date.

When is Doctors Day

Year Date Day
2022 30th March Wednesday
2023 30th March Thursday
2024 30th March Saturday
2025 30th March Sunday
2026 30th March Monday


The main motive of the Doctors Day

Overall, the main motive of Doctors day 2022 is to show gratitude to doctors. In this special day patients or former patients should send thoughtful notes, flowers, gifts to their doctors who have saved their lives or treat them to make their life easier and save their lives.

No doubt this special Doctor Day is not fulfill without the amazing shows like Grey’s Anatomy, E.R, Scrubs and General Hospital.

How to celebrate Doctors Day 2022?

You can celebrate Doctors Day 2022 in several ways here are the three best ways for you.

  • Give Thanks to your doctors who saved your life  

Its always necessary to recognize the hard work of doctors who do all the hard work to save life every day. So, you should give appreciation card or email to your doctors or send some personalized gifts. Its better if you can donate to your medical center. Make this day so special that doctor must identify the honor of people for their valuable hard work to save people’s lives.

  • Schedule a checkup 

As you know prevention is better than cure so its better to visit your doctor frequently to recognize your health issue before it becomes a big issue. So on the special Doctors day you should schedule for your health check-up and take advice from the doctor to avoid any future disease. Its better to take regular visits to ensure your health is in better condition.

  • Keep yourself healthy and fit  

Doctors usually help patients to recover from any disease but they also advise people to stay fit and healthy by giving advice to them to do regular exercise, hydrate, and maintain a healthy diet. So always follow your doctor and do add these things in your regular life to stay fit and healthy.

So, make this day special with loads of greetings to all doctors who save human lives.

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