Fast of Esther 2022

All About Fast of Esther 2022

The Fast of Esther is a day-long fast that begins at dawn and ends at dark on the eve of the joyous celebration of Purim. It honors our forefathers’ fasting in reaction to the momentous circumstances that unfolded during the exile in the Persian Empire. These events are chronicled in the Book of Esther, as well as the Purim holiday commemorates the salvation that occurred at that time.

When is the Esther Fast in 2022?

The Fast of Esther will be observed this year on 16 March, 202, and Purim will be observed the following evening and day, on March 17. When Purim falls on a Sunday, the fast is changed from Shabbat to the Thursday before Purim. As a result, we are more liberal in its application, particularly to pregnant women, nursing mothers, and anyone who are vulnerable.

What Does It Honor?

Fasting is linked to several crucial occasions in the Purim story. One such instance is Esther approaching King Ahasuerus unauthorized permission in an attempt to advocate on behalf of the Jews.

Another dramatic change of events happened on Adar 13, the day set aside by Haman for the murder of the Jews. Instead, the Jewish people annihilated their foes. This victory came while the Jews were fasting and praying to Gd for prosperity.

The Fast of Esther’s History:

Fast of Esther 2022
Fast of Esther 2022

The Esther Fast is held to commemorate the events described in “The Book of Esther.” Some believe that a fast is held on this day since Esther fasted for three days and three nights on this day.

When Mordecai told Esther of Haman’s plans, he declared a three-day fast, and Esther urged that she and the Jewish people of Shushan fast for three days as well.

According to legend, Haman, the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, was enraged when Mordechai refused to kneel down to him. When he discovered Mordechai was a Jew, he persuaded Ahasuerus to let him to slaughter the whole Jewish community. Some people believe that the fast is conducted to cancel out the Purim feasting and revelry.

What to Do on Fast of Esther?

Mentally prepare yourself:

Not everyone is suited to fasting. It takes more mental power than you may believe to go without food and drink. Eat whole meals like grains, lentils, dairy, and veggies the night before. You must also psychologically prepare for the fast.

Recite the following prayers:

Reciting ‘selichot’ which is found at the back of the prayer book should be the first thing in the morning. Recite the Amidah prayer in the afternoon during Minchah, an afternoon prayer session. Some individuals who fast add the Aneinu line in the Shema Koleinu blessing throughout the Minchah.

Donate to a charity:

The Jews are supposed to have paid half-shekels to the Holy Temple in order to offset Haman’s gift of 10,000 silver talents to King Ahasuerus in order to exterminate the Jewish people. During the fast of Esther, it is customary to offer three coins in half values to charity.

Why is the Fast of Esther 2022 being observed?

It tells us about sacrifices and helps us to be more determined:

Fasting allows us to appreciate the beauty of life. It reminds us of the value of the food we consume and the comfort we enjoy in our life. It teaches us about dedication, sacrifice, and thankfulness. It also helps to keep the intellect in good shape.

It makes us feel devoted:

This day allows us to express our religious or spiritual side. One can meditate while following the Fast of Esther, putting tension, anxiety, and the difficulties of life aside. It allows us to reflect, pray, and be at one with God.

Fasting provides a number of health advantages:

Fasting has a number of advantages, including a lower resting heart rate and reduced levels of harmful cholesterol. It also encourages the removal of damaged cells and the growth of new, healthy ones.

Final Words:

The Fast of Esther is celebrated on the day before the celebration of Purim, which this year falls on March 16. Do you realize that “The Book of Esther” has been around for almost 2000 years?

To remember the events of “The Book of Esther,” the fast is observed. The Fast of Esther is a small fast day that starts at sunrise and concludes at nightfall. During these hours, food and water are prohibited, but no other bodily comforts are.


Is there a connection between Fast of Esther and Easter?

Purim is a day of eating and joy, and it is frequently likened to other Jewish festivals such as Easter, and Mardi Gras. It’s similar to Easter in that food and drink baskets are provided to family and the impoverished, and these baskets are designed to resemble Easter baskets.

When it comes to Purim, how should one make their wishes?

You can wish someone “Happy Purim,” or you can say “Chag Purim Sameach” in Hebrew if you want to be more genuine. Any Jewish festival can be commemorated with the term “Chag Sameach.”


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