Fast of Esther 2022

All About Fast of Esther 2022

The Fast of Esther is a day-long fast that begins at dawn and ends at dark on the eve of the joyous celebration of Purim. It honors our forefathers’ fasting in reaction to the momentous circumstances that unfolded during the exile in the Persian Empire. These events are chronicled in the Book of Esther, as well as the Purim holiday commemorates the salvation that occurred at that time.

When is the Esther Fast in 2022?

The Fast of Esther will be observed this year on 16 March, 202, and Purim will be observed the following evening and day, on March 17. When Purim falls on a Sunday, the fast is changed from Shabbat to the Thursday before Purim. As a result, we are more liberal in its application, particularly to pregnant women, nursing mothers, and anyone who are vulnerable.

What Does It Honor?

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