Earth Hour 2022

Read About Earth Hour 2022

Climate change and energy saving are two crucial topics nowadays everyone should discuss and spread awareness. Nowadays people are aware of the importance of saving energy and the negative impact of climate change.

The event which is celebrated by millions of people all over the world to spread awareness regarding climate change and save energy is popularly known as Earth Hour Day. Usually, people who participate in this special event switched off lights in their homes for one hour in the name of Earth Hour Day.

This special even was started first by the World-Wide Fund for nature in Sydney and now it became a worldwide event and every year millions of people celebrate this epical event and turn off lights to save energy for 1 hour.

Earth Hour 2022
Earth Hour 2022

Earth Hour 2022 Date

Every year Earth Hour is observed on the last Saturday of March. This year in 2022, people celebrate this special Earth Hour on 26th March and the time starts from 8.30 pm local time and ends at 9.30 pm local time.

Earth Hour History

We, humans, are living on a beautiful planet. Earth is the one and only planet in the universe that supports life. But unusual human actions are now dragging our planet towards danger. Shifting climate has a very bad consequence on our environment. The growing worry gave growth to the idea of Earth hour. It was first anticipated by WWF in Sydney in 2007.

The special event is simple which advises people to turn off lights for one hour. Around 2.2 million people and 2000 businesses participated in the first Earth Hour event.

In 2008, Earth hour was celebrated in 35 countries spanning 400 cities around the world. Significant world tributes states like New York, USA, Golden Gate Bridge), Sydney Opera House Roman Coliseum also joined the campaign.

In 2011, the event was observed in more than 135 countries, and 5,250 cities participated in the event.

By 2018 an era after the first Earth hour celebration, 187 dissimilar countries started contributing in the campaign. More than 12,000 monuments turned off their lights showing support for Earth hour.

Earth hour 2020 was dissimilar from preceding earth hour events. Because of the COVID, the event was arranged digitally. 190 countries joined in the event.

Last year in 2021 too, the Earth hour was prepared effectively. People worldwide stayed at the 2021 event, and 192 countries took part. Similar to 2020, the event was generally digital, and most of the people engage with each other via online platforms.

Earth Hour 2022 Theme

This year the Earth Hour 2022 will be celebrated with a specific aim in everyone’s mind. The main theme of the Earth Hour 2022 will be “Shape Our Future”. No doubt this year going to be a crucial year for you and our planet. It should be our aim to bring drastic changes in our lifestyle and make the environment better for the future. Our little effort can definitely bring a huge difference so try it and see the result.

How to observe Earth Hour?

Spread Awareness

You can spread awareness regarding environmental issues among people. Do social awareness and educate others regarding the importance of environment, climate and energy. You can inspire other people to take the necessary steps to save energy and keep their environment clean and safe.

Switch off Lights

You can celebrate Earth Hour Day by switching off all non-essential electric appliances for 1 hour in this special day as the solidarity of this special event and make this event even better and spare awareness on energy saving.

Use Footprint app

You can install the W.W.F invented Footprint app to make small but highly impactful changes that can save the environment deeply. Usually, this application contains several challenges just complete those challenges and change your own life which definitely helps the environment towards betterment.

Earth Hour Dates

Year Date Day
2022 26th March Saturday
2023 25th March Saturday
2024 30th March Saturday
2025 29th March Saturday
2026 28th March Saturday

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